Huntington, WV Black History

Virginia J. Moore

Community Leader

Virginia Jeffreys Moore was born in Holden, West Virginia. She graduated from Douglass High School

Moore worked several years at St. Mary’s Hospital until she was led to meet the needs of the children of the community. “Ms. Ginny,” as she was affectionately called, loved children, and went to work at the J.W. Scott Community Center with Maudella Taylor.

The Center was a place where kids could be kids with everything from Christmas plays to wrapping the maypole, to baseball games. There is nothing she did not do with the kids at the Center where she worked for over 35 years.

She was a faithful member of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church where she worked and served the Lord. She was the mother of the church and was the director of the Women’s Gospel Chorus for 25 years.

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