Huntington, WV Black History

Cora Davis


Cora Marie Davis was a devoted caretaker to the family of Robert Grant in Huntington for more than a decade.

Davis was born December 5, 1898, in Holt, Alabama. She received her education and religious training in Alabama. After raising six children of her own, she moved to Huntington in 1954. She was a faithful member of Calvary Baptist Church before illness prevented her from attending.

While in Huntington, Davis was employed by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant as a caretaker for more than 12 years.

“Cora came into our home to assist in the care of my mother and the four children,” wrote Robert Grant Jr., who submitted a nomination for Davis. “Some would call her a nanny, a maid, or a domestic. “Personally the family only knew her as the most wonderful woman who took care of the needs for our family. She came to the house each morning and saw us off to school. She maintained the home for my parents while dad worked and mom slowly succumbed to cancer, dying in 1955.”

Grant Jr. added that Davis was “the epitome of the strong Black women of Huntington who contributed much to the family and even more to my family.”

Davis passed away on January 2, 1972.

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