Huntington, WV Black History

MaRia Hill

Director/A. D. Lewis Center

MaRia Hill has been a resident of Huntington, WV for most of her life. She attended Huntington High School and, upon graduation she enrolled at Marshall University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Legal Studies.  


MaRia has worked for the City of Huntington for almost 20 years, and decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, and is now the Director of the A.D. Lewis Community Center. MaRia is the first female to hold this position. She learned from her father that giving of oneself is crucial in this profession. She has been instrumental in obtaining housing, clothing, food, and appliances for those who request her assistance. She is active in various entities throughout the community endeavoring to make Fairfield viable. She serves as a member on the Board of the United Way, Marshall University -Yeager Scholars and is Chairwoman of the Fairfield Community Development Corporation. She is a member of the Fairfield Alliance, the NAACP, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and GOD’s House of Prayer and Praise. 


Her concern for everyone frequenting the A. D. Lewis Center mirrors that of her father, Thomas Hill. She reinstituted the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center; however, because of COVID, food boxes with the ingredients for an entire dinner were distributed to the community. MaRia’s desire to make Christmas merry for as many children as possible is the driving force for her. Each year, through donations, she is able to distribute gifts to the patrons of the Center and the less fortunate. She is a dedicated, influential, and caring individual and truly an asset to the A. D. Lewis Community Center, the Fairfield Community, and the city of Huntington.  

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