Huntington, WV Black History

Edna Duckworth

Community Historian/Author

Edna Duckworth was an author, historian, educator, civic activist and poet. She was a lifelong resident in the Fairfield community, living 90 of her 95 years in the same house on 10th Avenue. She believed in her community and stayed within it to ensure its voice was heard. Edna was a champion of the poor, both black and white. Edna was a fierce defender of Civil Rights. and Equity.

She volunteered at Miller Elementary School, served on the Southwestern Community Action Council and was a member of the A.C.T.I.O.N Community Center. Edna was a charter member of the Carter G. Woodson Foundation, and was a member of the League of Women Voters and was a faithful member of Young Chapel A. M. E. Church.

She cared deeply about her community and the education of its children and citizens. She started the first attempts to develop generational ties between the youth of the community and its seniors and learn about their past. Edna was the author of two books. She was a vigilant historian of “Black Huntington”.

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