Huntington, WV Black History

Doris Blue


Doris Elaine Blue is a successful playwright and artist.

Blue moved to Huntington from Clarksburg, West Virginia. She became heavily involved in community organizing, training and development skills. She received an associate’s degree in child development from Pasadena College and a bachelor’s degree from Marshall University.

She founded the Huntington Theatrical Ensemble, the first all-Black theatre company in Huntington, in the early 1970s. Several members of the ensemble sharpened and/or launched their artistic and creative careers from that experience.

Blue’s professional career included job developer with A.C.T.I.O.N, director of the Barnett Child Care Center and assistant director of dorm life at the Cammack Children’s Center.

Blue received numerous awards from various local, state and national organizations for her commitment to issues surrounding  AIDS, domestic violence and homelessness. She is the author of “Moods and Words of Blue; A Million Dreams and Moving What, Why, Where and How Come.” Her visual art also has been exhibited at the Huntington Museum of Art and the West Virginia Cultural Center in Charleston.

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