Huntington, WV Black History

Ogle Duff


Ogle Duff grew up in Charleston, WV. She attended WV State College and received her bachelor’s degree in English before coming to Marshall University where she earned her master’s degree, also in English.  She began teaching English at Douglass High School in the late 50s and continued until the school closed in 1961.  She was moved to Huntington High School to teach English and later Black History. In 1971 she moved to Pittsburgh and started work on her Ph.D.  while teaching at the University of Pittsburg as an Associate Professor of Education.  She worked in the Office of the University and traveled around the US.

While in Huntington she was an active member of First Baptist Church and the NAACP. When she moved to Pittsburgh, she continued to be actively involved with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and was honored for her dedication to education. She is remembered for her dedication to education and community activism.

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